Liz Fiedorek


Liz Fiedorek has been passionate about art all her life. Her career in art began in 1989 when Liz joined Kouros Gallery on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Shortly thereafter she moved on to ACA Galleries, a gallery with a rich history in American art, now representing contemporary artists as well. Liz worked with, among others, the estates of Joseph Cornell and Romare Bearden, and artists such as Richard Pousette-Dart.

Subsequently Liz moved to the well-known Salander-O’Reilly Gallery where she worked with estates of such major artists as Stuart Davis, John Constable and Gaston Lachaise. There she was also involved with the markets of the Bay Area Figurative Artists, the Hudson River School, American Modernism, Abstract Expressionism, Color Field painting and a few emerging contemporary artists.

In 1998, Liz established her own eponymous private art dealing firm, Elizabeth Mayer Fine Art, which she subsequently amalgamated into a New York City based gallery, Winston Wachter Mayer, with two partners. As a gallery owner, Liz worked with a stable of partner selected emerging artists. She also curated exhibitions which included many more major artists in the field, both contemporary and historic.

In 2002, Liz was recruited to join Pace Gallery, one of the world’s leading contemporary art galleries. Based in Pace’s Chelsea gallery, Liz worked with such iconic artists as Robert Ryman, Alex Katz, Kiki Smith, Chuck Close, Sol LeWitt and estates such as Alexander Calder, Jean Dubuffet, Adolph Gottlieb and Donald Judd. Working in the newly evolving art world in Chelsea, NY allowed Liz to expand her knowledge and collector base to include major international and national collectors and museums.

Photography has always been Liz’s personal passion and an ongoing avid pursuit. In recent years Liz has moved from art dealing to devoting significant time to her long held goal of creating her own photographs. Much of Liz’s inspiration is drawn from a lifetime of art study, from working with and seeing the work of many, many artists as an art dealer and from living surrounded by nature in Katonah, New York, Little Compton, Rhode Island and Miami, Florida.

Artist Statement

Nature is the driving force of my inspiration. I am awed by the purity, mutability and power of the natural world. I try to express this in my photographs. To me the natural world is composed of visual abstractions. My larger pieces often are compared to Abstract paintings. Of late, they are influenced by Abstract Expressionism, Color Field painting and Minimalism. The study of geometric form is often an important element of my work. In addition, my photographs denote a personal memory, emotion or dream of another time or place.

The world, and particularly places like Little Compton, are endlessly compelling. The challenge for me is to translate the beauty that I see into successful and meaningful photographs. A scene may be so vast, or so subtle, or so complex that it is not easily translated through the camera lens. But my goal is to try to express the feeling of the moment and to project what makes it unique, powerful and exquisite.